Our Expertise

Kheder Davis & Associates’ greatest strength is in our team. The KDA staff has more than 100 years of combined experience across multiple strategic practice areas. We excel in anticipating legislation and regulations, so our clients can impact the future of policy decisions. Since the company was founded, we’ve worked with countless businesses and organizations to advocate at the local, state and national levels on public policy issues ranging from health care and education to legislative and regulatory.

We don’t just lobby, we look at an integrated government relations approach that considers grassroots, regulatory and all potential stakeholders. Whatever your issue is, we are devoted to finding and implementing creative strategies to help you reach your goals.

Practice Areas

Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Association Management
Banking and Securities
Business Finance
Campaign Finance
Capital Outlay
Capital Financing
Certificate of Need
Commercial Real Estate
Community Action
Economic Development
Environmental Quality
Financial Services
Grassroots Initiatives
Health Care Operations
Higher Education
Hospital Management
Human Resource Management
Information Technology
K-12 Education
Law Enforcement
Legislative Initiatives
Licensing and Regulatory
Liquor Regulation
Management Consulting
Natural Resources
PAC Development and Management
Pension Funds
Pharmacy Benefit Management
Professional Employer Organizations
Public Utilities
Real Estate Development
Sports and Entertainment
State and Local Government
State Contract Procurement
Strategic Planning
Third-Party Administrators
Travel and Tourism
Unemployment Insurance


Government Relations

As accomplished government relations consultants, we are the strategists, advisors, grassroots organizers and promoters for your organization’s interests. We help your team define the issues, form positions, and gain access for input and participation in policymaking and the political process.

The Kheder Davis & Associates team has the professional skills, support and tailored strategy needed to manage complex issues in a highly specialized and competitive niche.


Lobbying is an art. It’s more than just who you know — it’s about building relationships, knowing every detail of the issues, and anticipating legislation and regulation. Our team of lobbyists has an unbeatable track record for shaping public policy on behalf of clients from all different industry sectors. Our team is focused on influencing and enacting real change that builds stronger businesses and communities across Michigan and throughout the United States.

Business Development and Management

KDA’s business development and management services provide clients with a critical resource — objective insight. This unbiased view allows our consultants the freedom to examine a client from all angles to improve your organization’s performance and value.

Our professional consultants perform comprehensive analysis and make recommendations tailored to your needs, providing best practices and ideas for improvement. This results in improved functionality, effectiveness, quality of decision-making and the ability to achieve your organization’s goals without losing focus of your mission. We specialize in taking an idea from the drawing board to the board room. Whether it is designing creative financing options or the development of a complete turnkey business operation, we can assist you every step of the way.

Our professional consultants have worked with everyone from major corporations and industry leaders to individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit. Teaming up with KDA will improve your business plan, your fiscal outlook and your bottom line.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is your organization’s driver, and there’s no team more qualified to help you create the perfect road map to success than KDA.

Master Facility Planning: Our seasoned professionals will assess your organization’s overall system strategy and identify regulatory and licensing requirements.

Feasibility Studies: We will determine the appropriate planning area and identify options as well as set priorities to achieve the plan objectives.

Work Plan Development: Through the Master Facility Planning consultation, we will develop a specific work plan to implement your company’s objectives.


The KDA team has a wealth of knowledge in regulatory issues across the board. Our professionals are unrivaled in the regulatory service arena and focus their energies on health care operations, including Certificate of Need, compliance, licensing, contracting and procurement support, and more.

The KDA team works closely with various state regulatory and licensing agencies on behalf of our clients. We provide direct access to key decision-makers and state agency officials, including department directors, bureau representatives and senior level staff-members.

No matter the industry or issue, we are equipped with the connections, insight, resources and experience needed to get the results you’re looking for.