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Organizations that operate in the public sector are constantly seeking innovative ways to manage the relationship between government and business. In the age of term limits the system is more complex that ever. Political power is diffused. Coalition groups are everywhere. For every agenda there is a counter agenda. It is perpetual competition.

Kheder Davis & Associates help our clients understand the mechanisms of public decision making and work with them to influence the process.

A successful government relations plan includes a great deal more than lobbying. Understanding how the system works, knowing the decision makers and how to reach them, and being prepared to act when opportunities arise are all essential aspects of addressing public policy issues.

We bring serious resources to the table to address your problems and have been involved at all levels of government, politics and business from strategic thinking to daily line management. Our team of professionals has the backgrounds, connections, and ability to manage complex operations while making them a valuable part of your team.

Kheder Davis & Associates currently offers these services:

Government Relations

Professional government relations consultants are strategists, advisors, grassroots organizers and promoters of their clients' interests. They assist in defining issues, formulating positions and gaining access for input and participation in policymaking and the political process. For their clients, they provide the professional skills and support needed to manage complex issues in a highly specialized and competitive niche. For elected officials, they are a valuable resource and a conduit to their constituency.

Spirited policy debates and heated political battles are everyday events in a participative form of government. In this arena, lobbyists also perform other important functions. They aid lawmakers in important deliberations and in reaching compromise on tough issues. Likewise, they help insulate their clients from the fallout of the process.

Their pursuit of clients' objectives does not always endear lobbyists to public officials caught between competing interests. Their commitment to finding workable solutions, however, ultimately defines their importance to the process. A reporter once asked President Harry Truman in 1948, "Would you be against lobbyists who are working for your program?" The President replied, "We probably wouldn't call those people lobbyists. We would call them citizens appearing in the public interest."

As such complex issues as health care, education, the environment, law enforcement and taxation are tackled, “appearing in the public interest” through highly skilled representation is essential. With so much at stake, interests need to assure themselves of a seat at the table as proposed public policy changes are debated and the compromises are reached.

Our system for success is rather simple:

An educational exchange is our first step. This process is a two-way street. We begin with a simple information exchange with our clients. It’s our chance to learn about them and their issues. We, in turn, provide them with insight to the process, how we operate and why we work it that way.

Strategic planning is our next step. We like to have an intensive planning process. Then proceed to developing our strategy, carefully considering the political, legal and ethical ramifications of each alternative. And we decide in concert with our clients the tools we’ll need.

After the planning is done we will proceed through implementation by continually considering the effectiveness of our approach and review and revise our strategy as necessary. And as we encounter the inevitable twists and turns the process provides, we re-evaluate to see if there’s a better way.

Finally we have closure. Success is more than simply providing good will or access for our clients. It’s delivering on our promises…getting that amendment, passing that bill, winning that procurement contract, or stopping a bad bill. At Kheder Davis & Associates, Inc., results are all that count. They’re the measure of our success.

Management Consulting

We assist our clients in designing and implementing creative strategies to achieve their organization's goals by drawing upon the combined experiences of our professionals.

Our management consulting services provide a critical resource to our clients—objective insight. This unbiased viewpoint allows our consultants the freedom to examine a client from all angles, including those beyond the scope of, or within, the organization to improve the performance of client organizations and their value.

Our consultants can function as a "devil's advocate," challenging the current operation of the corporation to pinpoint weaknesses and strengths. This comprehensive analysis results in recommendations tailored towards the client’s needs, providing best practices and ideas for improvement. The end result improves client functionality, effectiveness, quality of decision-making, and ability to achieve their organization’s goals without losing focus of their mission.

Kheder Davis professionals have consulted with professional organizations ranging in size from Fortune 100 industry leaders to small, family owned businesses. We specialize in taking an idea from the drawing board to the board room. Whether it is designing creative financing options or the development of a complete turn key business operation, we can assist you every step of the way.

Whether you are a market leading giant in your industry sector or an individual with the entrepreneur spirit, working with the Kheder Davis team can improve your business plan, your fiscal outlook and ultimately your bottom line.

Health Care Operations

Kheder Davis professionals work closely with various state regulatory and licensing agencies on behalf of our clients, many of whom are leaders within the health care industry. We provide direct access to key decision makers and state agency officials including department directors, bureau representatives and senior level staff members.

Healthcare in the State of Michigan is highly regulated. A Certificate of Need (CON) is required to provide covered clinical services and regulatory agency approval is necessary whether or not the project is reimbursed by third party payers or if it is a fee for service business.

In addition to CON requirements which are administered through the Michigan Department of Community Health, there are also other state licensing issues along with payer issues, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, Medicaid, and others which need to be considered in every project’s work plan and addressed with the appropriate agency.

Our professionals are unrivaled in the regulatory service arena and focus their energies on the following issues:

  •  Certificate of Need
    • Analysis and Recommendations – In the initial phase, our team will meet with the client to review their objectives and requirements and will prepare a detailed written report summarizing the critical components regarding their specific project. Our professionally written and research report will outline a strategy for meeting the objectives, as well as providing a timeline for CON and other regulatory processes.

    • Data Compilation – members of our health care operations group also identify the data requirements for each project derived from the initial analysis and recommendations phase. Then they can facilitate the collection and compilation process in compliance with the requirements of the appropriate regulatory agency.
    • CON Application/Regulatory Filings/Licensing – our professionals will work with our clients to construct and file all regulatory applications necessary to obtain approval for services. We act as the client’s agent, advocate and liaison with the regulatory agency until a final decision has been made.
    • Monitoring and Oversight – we continue to actively monitor and review all aspects of the application process until a final decision by the regulatory agency has been made.
  •  Strategic Planning Consultation

    • Master Facility Planning – our seasoned professionals will assess the client’s overall system strategy and identify regulatory and licensing requirements.
    • Feasibility Studies – we will determine the appropriate planning area and identify options as well as set priorities to achieve the overall plan objectives.
    • Work Plan Development – Through the Master Facility Planning consultation, we will develop a specific work plan to implement the client’s objectives.

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