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Since 1983, our firm has provided aggressive, proactive government relations services to a broad and diverse base of clients. We assist our clients in designing and implementing creative strategies to achieve their legislative and regulatory goals. Our approach is to develop a strategy and plan of action tailored to the unique requirements of each client.

We are often engage to either create opportunities or solve problems where the state government can play a role in the outcome. We achieve success for our company by achieving success for our clients. That is the best motivation we can think of – and our client results reflect it.

From the beginning, Kheder Davis & Associates, Inc. has helped clients pursue their specific interests with decision-makers in the legislature, the Governor’s office and executive branch departments, as well as independent regulatory agencies.

While many firms tout their ability to “monitor and track” legislation, Kheder Davis & Associates, Inc. has established an enviable record of going beyond that level of performance. Our firm’s strength is in our professionals’ experience and expertise in anticipating legislation and regulations, and then helping our clients impact the policy making progress.

To be successful, a government relations program must educate elected officials and other government decision-makers in an honest, comprehensive, and timely manner. Understanding the politics that shape public policy is essential. Our knowledge of how government works and the ability to reach decision-makers ensures that our clients’ interests are conveyed.

Kheder Davis & Associates, Inc. successfully adapts to the changing priorities as we anticipate major new challenges in public affairs, however our dedication to achieving results for our clients remains a constant.

We have an excellent team of professionals assembled that can provide Oakland County with first rate service in a timely manner. Our line up includes a former state department director; a 20 year member of the Michigan House of Representatives; and a recent member of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department front office staff.

In addition to having a former county employee on staff, two of our associates were born and raised in Oakland County; and two of our professionals, including our firm’s president, make their homes in Oakland County. We believe our professional’s experiences with living and working in Oakland County make our firm uniquely qualified to aggressively represent the interests of the Board of Commissioners.