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William Safire’s “Safire’s New Political Dictionary” defines “lobby” “as a verb, to attempt, as a private citizen or group, to influence governmental decisions and particularly legislative votes; as a noun, a group organized for this purpose.”

There are several accounts of the origin of the term. According to one in Safire’s dictionary, the large anteroom near the English House of Commons became known in the mid-seventeenth century as the lobby. It was a public room where Members of Parliament could be approached by special pleaders. In the early nineteenth century, those who lobbied were called “lobbiers” in the U.S. and later, “lobbyists”.

The growth and complexity of government and its multiplicity of legislative, policymaking, regulatory, funding and purchasing processes have given rise to professional specialists who are more effective at dealing with it in representing the issues of various interests. These “lobbyists” understand the arena and have established relationships with public officials and their staffs, and can more effectively gain access for their clients, articulate positions and influence the process.

As the profession has grown and matured, and with the coming of an information age that facilitates communication at all levels, high profile representation is being incorporated with professionally managed grassroots initiatives to bolster lobbying efforts. Access, education and influence are being strengthened through a combination of professional representatives and direct communication between constituents and their public officials.

Kheder Davis & Associates have been actively lobbying in the State of Michigan for over 35 years and can provide your organization with aggressive, proactive government relations services.

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